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TODAY: Kangaroo Test

Today grades 5-8 will take part in a Mathematics compition, the famous "Kangaroo Competion". Students of grade 9 and 10 will take part as soon as students of grade 9 have finished their professional internships. More than 6 miollion students in over 60 countries take part in this multiple choice test that takes places once a year.

Music-Theater Addis.Sound.Prosa

The performance „Addis.Sound.Prosa.“ which is a unique music-theater-project has been shown on Thursday, February 23rd at the gym of DBSAA. This reading concert is a unique mix of music, recitation and theatre and is based on lyrics that students of grade 9 to 11 have written themselves within the framework of a poetry slam. Texts describe Addis Ababa from their special point of views. The rock band of the German Embassy School had been extended to a small orchestra and acted on stage together with reciters and Ethiopian guests of Andinet International School. A special thanks goes to the German director and actors’ trainer, Martin M. Hahnemann, and of course our music and art teacher, Ralf Werner, who was the project manager. Addis.Sound.Poetry has been supported by the German Embassy Addis Ababa and ZfA which is the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad.

Richard Jacobi scholarship awardee

Richard Jacobi, former student of DBSAA and IB-Diploma-Graduate 2016 has been accepted as stipendiary of the German National Academic Foundation. He was proposed to the foundation by the head of school due to his outstanding achievements, his great commitment, especially as guitar player and temporarily leader of the school band. Richard managed the selection process with success and is happy about the scholarship now. He is studying Chemistry at the University of Erlangen since October 2016. We are happy together with Richard about the scholarship and wish him all the best for his studies.   

DBSAA at didacta 2017

Our school was represented for the first time at didacta fair in February 2017 in Stuttgart. More than 100,000 people will visit Germany’s biggest fair for education during 5 days. The Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (ZfA) supported the schools through taking over the fees to this fair for which we are very thankful. Our head of school, Monika Biegel, and our secretary, Sarah Kohls, could use this chance to represent DBSAA, to have talks with interested school and kindergarten teachers and also stay in contact with other schools abroad and members of ZfA.

Mini-Sports Badge

A small sports festival took place just before the holidays for all children of the kindergarten. All kids were excited and prepared well for this day to show off all the things they can do: running fast, throwing a ball far away and jumping high and far! All kids received a certificate afterwards for their great sportive achievements.

Bicycle Tour

Just one week before the holidays the ninth grade went for a bicycle tour. A little bit outside of Addis the students went off road on bumpy roads and stony slopes. Under good instruction all challenges could be overcome and everybody got well (and exhausted) to the finish line.

Biology in grade 8

Students of grade 8 dissected goat’s hearts under the supervision of their biology teacher, Mrs. Sabine Schulz. Due to this practical class it is easier for the students to identify the different chambers of the heart.

We're all in the same boat!

We’re all in the same boat – that was the motto that came up together with the plans of reconstructing the slide on the kindergarten playground. The boat “MS Dresden” is now travelling on the open sea from Ethiopia to Germany and back. It is so big that almost all kids can be on it at the same time. Big thanks to the parents’ council for supporting this project financially and of course to the care taker team of Werner Pohl for building the boat. Many adventures are waiting for the kids!

Important Dates

Here you can find all important DBSAA dates until August 2017. Please click on the calendar to get a full view and some additional information for each event.

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